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Seven Sisters Baja

Surfing in Seven Sisters could be real fun, and what is more significant is the freezing nature of this surfing joint. For someone who loves hoods, and negotiating ripping cold, then this would be the place for them. You won’t find any other surfing destination in the world, as this one in Mexico. Seven Sisters is incredibly cold, but would you love the idea of surfing with cold sweaters and hoods on.

How to reach Seven Sisters

Your journey to Seven Sisters could really be tiring and it does require a lot of driving, at times through some treacherous roadways.  The best way would be to go to Punta Santa Rosalillita using Mexico highway 1. You need to travel around 400 miles to get to Punta Santa and then you head to the beaches of Seven Sisters.

Significantly, the trip to the beaches could be a little tiresome and therefore, you are advised to opt for 4 wheeled drive vehicles, which would help you to deal with the treacherous roads on your way to Seven Seas.

The best way forward would be to get to Seven Seas and take camping breaks in the middle, and make your journey adventurous.

Significance of Seven Sisters Baja

Seven sisters Baja provides you with an extraordinary surfing experience. The reason is perhaps, the right point breaks, and all these breaks are all over the place. If you happen to go to Punta Cono, then you would come across right point breaks all the way to Punta Rosarito.

Secondly, what makes this place more adventurous is the fact that the right point breaks get incredibly cold during winters. The extreme cold during winter makes the ocean swell more than normal and that is the best experience you would get while surfing in Seven Seas Baja.
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